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Associates of the Law Firm consist of well educated, comprehensively competent attorneys and legal counsels, supported by trainees and law students. The core of the Law Firm consists of a group of its alumni who gained their professional skills through participation in the most interesting litigations and business projects of the first decade of the 21st century.

The work of Law Firm’s associates is coordinated by the att. Marek Małecki, who began his legal practice in 1992 in Warsaw in a branch of an American law firm. Marek Małecki worked on some of Poland’s largest privatization and restructuring proceedings, introduced international corporations into the Polish market and provided such corporations with comprehensive legal services. He practiced and trained in France, Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany and the United States. When Marek Małecki was head of the legal department of Rabobank Polska S.A. he provided comprehensive legal services related to all issues connected with banking, financing of projects, acquisitions and vindication.

Since 2001 Marek Małecki runs his own law firm, which currently operates under the name: The Law Firm Marek Małecki.

Marek Małecki is the creator and the first chairman of the Polish Advertising Ethics Commission (until 2008). He provided Lewiatan Confederation with legal assistance (until 2014). Since 2011 Marek Małecki serves as the President of the Sport Tribunal PZMot, as well as the Member of the the FIA (since 2017). He served as the Member of the FIM Tribunal (until 2013).

adwokat malecki sygnet


NIP 526-21-23-350
address: Warsaw, 5 Kopernik St. Lok. L 6, 00-367 Poland
telephone number:+48 (22) 828 88 26
fax number:+48 (22) 826 93 77


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