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Are you looking for a specialists providing comprehensive, legal services for legal entities and natural persons? Here they are: att. Marek Małecki and the members of his legal team. Each of them has long history of successes in representing Clients in civil, administrative, tax and criminal proceedings.

The lawyers cooperating with Marek Małecki’s Law Firm have gained valuable experience and high substantive qualifications through the practice in providing legal services for the Polish and international corporations for almost 25 years. Our legal team specializes in court proceedings as well as in solving complex, legal issues related to acquisition of real estate, rental of real estate, energy law, administrative law, insurance law and pharmaceutical law.

During many years of our professional practice, we represented the Clients, natural and legal persons, in negotiations and preparations of contracts, as well as in many interesting, difficult, and often famous civil and criminal trials. We were engaged in solving problems related to the business transformations issues, by providing legal services during restructuring proceedings, ownership transformations, sourcing of markets and capital rising.

Our primary goal is to provide the Clients with the possible fullest scope of legal assistance, which often goes beyond standard legal services. For us the highest quality of provided legal services means work fully digitalized, based on database resources and advanced IT systems.

We are available to our Clients throughout the entire process of handling the case entrusted to us. We provide legal support during negotiations, supervise Client’s associates, coordinate work of teams, propose new solutions, as well as we adapt such solutions to dynamically evolving situations. We achieve, together with the Client, the goals in investment processes, transformations, acquisitions, litigations or arbitration proceedings.

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The list presenting our biggest, selected successes from the past few years is as follows.

We provided advice and legal services related to the following cases:

  • restructuring proceedings related to the renewable energy sector of one of the largest electricity producers (2014);
  • construction process of the LNG Terminal (2015);
  • construction process of the energy international connection among Poland and Lithuania (2015 and 2016);
  • restructuring proceedings related to one of the leaders in production and distribution of products from chemical industry (2017 – 2018);
  • entering the market by the foreign investment fund, acquisition of the commercial real estate, rebranding procedure, commercialization process related to unleased spaces (2019);
  • providing assistance (ongoing legal services, transformation procedures, providing know – how) for a most promising companies of gaming industry; providing legal assistance related to listing two of mentioned companies on the stock exchange (2020);
  • transformation and equity raising for development of computer game projects for a leading Polish computer games developer (2020);
  • certification of a largest railroad investments projects in Poland (2016 – 2020);
  • court trial for protection of personal rights against a publisher of tabloid; an amount awarded by the court to the Client represented by our Law Firm was one of the highest amounts awarded by the courts in the history of Polish judicature (2020);
  • three court trials for damages and compensation for the Clients wrongly accused and taken into preliminary custody in business criminal trials (2020).
adwokat malecki sygnet


NIP 526-21-23-350
address: Warsaw, 5 Kopernik St. Lok. L 6, 00-367 Poland
telephone number:+48 (22) 828 88 26
fax number:+48 (22) 826 93 77


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