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Pro bono

We’re aware that the time of human activity is limited, therefore we wish to use the time as fully as possible, engaging not only in professional or family life, but also in social life. As lawyers we believe that it is our duty, therefore we willingly and devotedly undertake activities that bring widely understood goodness to individuals, groups and society as a whole. The Law Firm’s associates, attorneys at law, trainees and students by joint effort support various cultural and social initiatives of their own choice.

adwokat malecki sygnet


We support culture and art among others by periodically purchasing exhibits for national museums and the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Our Law Firm may be proud of its participation in the development of the collection of paintings, silver, clocks and 18th century glasses, which are currently deposited at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, in national museums in Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Poznan, as well as in regional museums in Torun and Kazimierz.

The Royal Castle in Warsaw owes the Law Firm also a valuable collection of hussar armament, including sabers and blunt weapons completing the armory at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

The seat of the Law Firm was designed with the participation of representative artists and architects. There we present an overview of modern art, including art work by Leon Tarasewicz, Gruppa, Wanda Czełkowska, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Krzysztof Bednarski, Mikołaj Smoczyński and Oskar Dawicki, as well as artists of the younger generation. But that is not all. We provide legal and financial assistance to musicians, composers and foundations promoting music culture by supporting their creative activity. Beneficiaries of these activities include the Foundation Nowa Orkiestra Kameralna and the violinist Marek Dumicz.

adwokat malecki sygnet

Social initiatives

Our Law Firm, with deep conviction of rightness of following activities, supports social initiatives aimed at promoting knowledge about the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, rights and obligations of each human and citizenship, equal rights of men and women or separation among the state and the church.

We gladly engage in all forms of education promoting the ideas of a democratic state of law. We support law competitions such as: “Roman Law and the Modern World” competition, which is organized annually by the Department of Roman Law of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow.

Moreover, we provide legal services and assistance as attorneys or defence counsels for individuals assigned to all political groups whose freedom to organize and participate in peaceful assemblies was restricted.

This is not all of our activities. We often represent clients being in difficult financial situations who need legal assistance. We provide free of charge legal services to people facing eviction or being fired from their jobs, or who have problems with obtaining or financing life-saving medicines.

Every year a part of Law Firm’s profit goes to the accounts of charitable foundations which promotes culture and helps animals.

We periodically take part in campaigns organized by the Warsaw Bar Association related to providing legal services pro publico bono.

adwokat malecki sygnet


NIP 526-21-23-350
address: Warsaw, 5 Kopernik St. Lok. L 6, 00-367 Poland
telephone number:+48 (22) 828 88 26
fax number:+48 (22) 826 93 77


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